The SaveABulls

A veterinary led campaign raising awareness on Breed Specific Legislation,aiming to ensure true dog bite prevention & welfare

our aim and vision


​The aim of The SaveABulls is to abolish Breed Specific Legislation and change Section 1 of  the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 to an effective dog bite prevention policy.


The mission of The SaveABulls is to see an end to Breed Specific Legislation. We intend to influence government officials in their decision making for laws to protect the public and increase animal welfare, particularly dog fighting and the welfare of seized dogs under Section 1 of the Act. We also plan to educate the public and the veterinary profession on the negative effects that BSL is having on public safety, society and animal welfare. 


The vision is to have breed neutral laws, allowing dogs and owners to be free of discrimination, but ensure responsible dog ownership, including public awareness on canine communication and considerations. We also hope to see a drop in numbers of dog bite victims and have a better approach to dog bite prevention with a one health method. Our vision is to reduce negative press and thoughts towards specific dogs that are discriminated against such as bull breed type dogs and in turn, see more bull breeds being adopted from rescue centers as valued pets and police working dogs.