Campaign activity

Ceva Vet Nurse of the Year2016

Shakira won 'Vet Nurse Of The Year' for the Ceva animal welfare awards 2016. She was the first person to have been successfully nominated tow years in a row.

Shakira worked tirelessly to establish The SaveABulls campaign and was awarded for her hard work. she believes all dogs deserve to be treated equally. 

BBC Radio

We have been asked multiple times to discuss the issues of BSL and dog bites on BBC radio. Unfortunately this is often after there has been a serious injury or death caused by a dog(s)

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Channel 5 News

Shakira was invited on to Channel 5 to discuss the RSPCA report 'A Dogs Dinner'. The report was very detailed and is calling for a public enquiry.

This was a great opportunity to present ourselves as veterinary professionals as we are often involved in the unnecessary euthanasia of innocent dogs. We wanted to highlight that the enforcement of BSL is failing its original purpose, which was to to protect the public. 

Featured in Politics First

We had an article published in Politics First. A magazine that reaches every MP in the UK. It was a great opportunity to write about a very emotional case involving a victim of BSL. We wanted the MPs to know the reality of this legislation.

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Law Commission Success

We submitted our evidence along with 1300 other people and organisations to secure a review of BSL. It was encouraging to see that BSL had such a huge response!
They have informed us all that the Law Commission submissions have been successful, meaning that Defra will need to consider a review. 

Meeting at The London Assembely

The London Assembly agreed a motion calling on the Mayor to write to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to request a formal review of the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991). 

We had a meeting to discuss BSL from a veterinary and expert witness point of view.

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2017 success

Outstanding Contrubution Award-Our Founder Shakira Free

We are incredibly proud that we have received yet another award from the veterinary profession. This time from The College of Animal Welfare and the British Veterinary Nursing Association. They picked Shakira for her dedication to spreading awareness out BSL, dog bite prevention, dog fighting and her work within the profession to encourage more progress is made. Shakira was absolutely delighted and feels so driven to keep up this momentum. 

#itsbullawareness-AKA 'Pit Bull' awareness month, but better!

Every October there is a 'Pit Bull' awareness month, mostly in America. We are always looking at the best ways to improve our campaign work and effective strategy regarding BSL. We are often led by Animal Farm Foundation. This year we all joined in to call "bull" on awareness campaigns to promote the focus that all dogs are individuals and singling out one 'breed' can be damaging. See our Instagram for more information and a great video!

London Vet Show

Our founder Shakira Free gave a lecture on dog bite prevention to over 100 delegates. This was an opportunity to engage with veterinary professionals to encourage them to take action to help owners understand dog communication, help keep dogs in their homes and reduce dog bites in and out of clinic. Since this event Shakira has been invited to attend many more which is great to spread this important message.

Awareness months for 'Pit Bulls'

We joined Animal Farm Foundation in their campaign for what is usually called 'Pit Bull' awareness month in October. 

However Animal Farm Foundation make a great point in this video, in that dogs are individuals and we should use this yearly celebration to celebrate that all dogs are individuals and that their appearance does not define them.  So we joined forces and used #itsbullawareness instead. 

Find out more on our Instagram and the Animal farm Foundation website.

Our blogs & informative links

The Huffington Post

Breed Specific Legislation is a misnomer. It fails on every count. But perhaps the reluctance of Government to accept this, is because it would mean they would also have to accept responsibility for the root cause of the problem the gratuitous use of dogs as breeding machines and money makers.

Our statement can be seen here.

World Animal Protection Blog

This blog discusses the reality of BSL from a veterinary and personal perspective from the founder of The SaveABulls. Click here to read this blog.

Helpful legal advice on the DDA

Here is a great link for a reliable information on 'Dangerous Dog' legal advice from Parry and Welch. A useful video and information for owners caught up in legal situations.

Podcast in Australia for The Freedom of Species

We were contacted by an Australian radio show to discuss BSL. Please click here to listen.

AGM event 2016

Please click here to watch some of our first AGM at the Royal Veterinary College, London. We were grateful to have a wide variety of delegates, many vets, vet nurses, animal welfare campaigners, representatives from multiple large NGO's and dog owners. We will be holding another one this year. We will update you on details as soon as we can.

BSL interview featuring a resercher in Ireland

Click here is an interview with P'araic Osulleabhian, a researcher on the canine and human bond, discussing BSL.

What can you do to help?

Be an advocate for your dog

  • Understand canine communication and body language. What is your dog(s) trying to tell you? Listen to them and get to know them as an individual, regardless of their supposed breed
  • Regardless of breed, make sure your dog is purchased from a home breeder where mum is healthy and seen interacting with pups. We highly recommend rescue dogs, it saves a life and you will be blessed with a wonderful healthy dog already neutered and vaccinated
  • Ensure your dog iswell trained confident and happy around other dogs, people and different environments. Ensure park etiquette too, not all dogs like other dogs ( be respectful to all dogs and their owners wishes)
  • Learn to understand dogs, they are great at communicating with us, we must learn to listen, especially children
  • Any children that are exposed to dogs must learn how to read a dogs behaviour to stay safe, such as the six golden rules from RSPCA Click here
  • Never leave a dog and child alone together
  • We recommend neutering for dogs. There are many free or low cost schemes across the UK, please contact us if you require more details

Learn about BSL

Please see our 'What is BSL' page and have a read. Once you are well informed you can then use this information and knowledge to educate, friends, family, colleagues and even MPs.

There are peer reviewed journals available to download on our 'Activities, evidence and help' page. The journals contain scientific studies and evidence regarding the many flaws of BSL as a dog bite prevention tool

Write to and meet your MP, support the RSPCA's petition

  • Always remain polite and respectful
  • Write a letter showing your concerns as a member of the public
  • You can locate your own MP and even attend their open surgery to meet with your MP to discuss why BSL is failing you and the public
  • Letter templates written by us will be uploaded soon, however please feel free to email us and we will send you a template
  • Sign the RSPCA's petition: Click here