News 2018

Loss of Lulu our ambassador

 With a very heavy heart we would like to share some very sad news, that Lulu, one of our very special dogs has sadly passed away.

Lulu was a very special and unique dog, anyone that met her would tell you the same. People were so drawn to her and found her such a pleasure to meet, even Woody Harrelson thought so! 

She was like a wise woman, always looking after everybody, she was so gentle around all dogs no matter how silly they were around her.

She was a real ambassador for all dogs, especially bull breeds, she came to many events with us and was always enjoying life to the full.

Our team is devastated, especially our founder who cared for her a lot over the few years, she was 13 years old and was under treatment for osteoarthritis. Shakira managed her case along side vets to keep her comfortable. Sadly last week she became very poorly and unhappy. 

Her passing was very peaceful and she was surrounded by people that loved her. There wasn't a dry eye in the clinic.

Dogs are never here long enough, they must be cherished each day. Hence why breed specific legislation is so cruel, keeping innocent dogs in solitary confinement is simply not okay.

For Lulu we will keep researching, learning and fighting to end dog discrimination.

Rest in peace darling girl. We all love you so very much.

A video for Lulu

See video via YouTube here.

Thank you.

Up to date News 2017

#Lucyslaw-December 2017

This is a new campaign launched in Parliament and supported by the Mirror to end puppy farming.

Lucy the rescue cavalier was a very well known delightful dog who had suffered as a breeding bitch on a puppy farm. She passed away a year ago, leaving many of us devastated, not to mention her dedicated mum Lisa Garner.

Lucy's Law is a campaign to end puppy farming by implementing a BAN on the third party sales of puppies (sold without their mum away from their place of birth).  The support from MPs has been incredible and Lucys Law has now been mentioned within the Houses of parliament on several occasions, meaning that public pressure and evidence is encouraging MPs to take a stand and support this law.

We are avid supporters of this law because puppies from these terrible environments suffer not just physically but mentally also. It has been found that 86% of puppies suffer with aggression, adding to behaviour problems, dog bites and relinquishment to rescue centers.

Find out more here:

Our American ambassadors have been spreading the love- November 2017

Khalfani and Carmelo attended Pawcasso. An elegant evening featuring the art of local artists in a live silent auction to raise money for a local rescue called Homeward Trail animal rescue.

Khalfani and his rescue dog Carmelo were invited to represent their animal hospital team for the second year round.  He said "It was amazing to be around people who love and respect animals no matter what the supposed breed. Carmelo (considered as a 'Pit bull') got to touch the hearts of many dog lovers. Watching this interaction was beautiful." Please check out our Instagram  (click) for pictures of them at the red carpet event.

BVNA webinar is now live -December 2017

Our founder Shakira Free was invited by the British Veterinary Nursing Association to film a webinar on the reality of Breed Specific Legislation and practical dog bite prevention. 

This is currently for members only but we are hoping that this will become available next year for us to share with you. However this is great news to spread within the veterinary profession.

Here is the link to the webinar.

The BVNA are very supportive of this campaign and have also adopted a position statement on BSL which is a real milestone. Read it here.

New Dog Bites Book-A Multidisciplinary perspective

We are thrilled to see the release of this incredibly in-depth book covering every aspect of dog bites. We are very pleased to be slowly reading our way through it and so far have found is extremely useful, interesting and inspiring for our cause. The book is around £45.00, we purchased ours via eBay.

The book covers topics such as the fundamental principles, perceptions of dogs that bite, dog bites and risk, investigations and legal issues, health issues, handling the aggressive dog, managing future risk and prevention. Each section delves in very deep about each section looking into the real forensic style analysis of 32 chapters. 

We highly recommend this to anyone that is in the veterinary or health profession, dog enthusiasts, owners and campaigners.

The book is available via 5m publishing. Click here for more information.

British Police using bull breeds

You may have seen that Avon and Sumerset Police have recruited many staffie type dogs all rescues from their local RSPCA shelter. This is absolutely fantastic news. We have shared some posts on this on our social media pages to thank them and spread awareness about their great work. 

In America, many cities and police forces are using Pit Bull Type dogs now also, as they are proving to be highly successful, loyal and great dogs for the role of search and rescue or tracking dogs. This is not only saving the life of a shelter dog, but proving that the myth of 'Pit Bulls' can be overlooked by using such great dogs.