The team

Shakira Free MIles RVN, BSc

Registered charity, welfare and consulting Veterinary Nurse. Recently awarded for 'Outstanding contribution to the veterinary profession' by BVNA and College of Animal Welfare 2017 and
Winner for the 'Vet Nurse Of The Year' Ceva Animal Welfare awards 2016 and finalist 2015.
Founder of The SaveABulls campaign.
Member of the Britsh Veterinary Forensics and Law Association.

After experiencing the reality of BSL, which expected me to euthinase healthy stray puppies and dogs because of what they looked like, I decided I had to do something. Killing dogs based on their looks is unjustified.

Since qualifying in 2009 Shakira has seen and worked with very nervous dogs with many behavioural problems. It seems this all stems from the lack of understanding of dog communication by vets, owners and the public.  This she feels is the main problem leading to dogs being dumped because owners do not know how to prevent behaviour problems or tackle them and the main cause of dog bites and injuries.

Our motto at the SaveABulls is 'Education, Not Breed Specific Legislation'.

I hope that you join our campaign and it inspires you all to take an active role in this and get veterinary and rescue staff, dog owners and politicians involved to highlight that BSL is not dog bite prevention. Education is.

Gemma Plumer RVN

Gemma is a registered charity Veterinary Nurse in London, with many years experience working front line in animal welfare. 

Gemma is often involved in assisting bull breed owners with advice, care and ensuring that every dog has a healthy and happy future. From her experience in welfare charities Gemma plays a key role in education and works tirelessly to prevent breed discrimination. and ensure that owners are able to understand what they dog needs by reading their body language.

Gemma has been involved in our park days and joins in the fun for Pup Aid every year.

Helping out with the organisation of the campaign, spreading awareness and assisting with social media posts and ideas. 

We are grateful to have Gemma as part of The SaveABulls campaign team. 

Khalfani and Carmelo

Khalfani is a veterinary technician (American term for Veterinary Nurse) in Washington D.C and his rescue dog Carmelo is his side kick .

Khalfarni plays an active role in his current hospital and outside in his own hours representing the veterinary profession by giving talks to local schools and attending training and public awareness events on dogs and animal welfare.

We are incredibly proud to be working with him as our global ambassador spreading a positive message about the profession and dogs.

We have plans in place next year (2018) to work closer and create effective plans to reduce dog bites, keep dogs in their homes and of course tackle breed discrimination.